Salt Blasting Pool Tile Cleaning

Salt Blasting Pool Tile Cleaning

What Is Salt Blasting?

Kieserite (Salt, Max Strip, often compared to Epsom salt) is shot at a low pressure againt the tile and calcium.  When the salt hits the calcium is dissolves the calcium through an abrasive process.  This process will not damage your tile.  Kieserite is about a 3.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, Calcium is about a 1.8 and your pool tile is around a 7.5. Our media is just hard enough to remove the calcium yet soft enough it won’t damage your tile.  The media and dissolved calcium fall to the bottom of the pool.  We then vacuum up the media from the bottom of your pool.  Keiserite is Ph neutral, Non Hazerdouse, water soluble and environmentally friendly.  Kieserite is used primarily for cleaning pool tile because of its non-damaging properties.

#1 Choice For Cleaning Pool Tile

Doc’s is one of the few companies using Kieserite to clean pool tiles.  Kieserite pool formula is specially formulated for cleaning swimming pool tiles and is a much safer alternative to glass bead.  Glass bead damages tile.   Kieserite safely removes calcium, mineral deposits, oily residue, mold, algae and scale form pool tiles.

Salt blasting is not a do it yourself project.  Let Doc’s Discount Pool Tile Cleaning take all the mess and frustration out of cleaning your pebble tec and rock.  Our tools and equipement are custom made to clean your calcium deposits.

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