Pebble Tec Cleaning

Pebble Tec Cleaning

What is Bead Blasting?

Bead blasting is a calcium removal  process where glass beads are shot against Pebble Tec or stone at low speeds using compressed air.   We use glass bead primarily for pebble tec, rock, brick and flagstone.  Glass bead has a better calcium removal action when using it on these surfaces.

#1 Choice for cleaning pebble tec

There are several choices of media to remove calcium deposits from your pools tile.  In our experience, glass bead is the best choice in media when it comes to shooting Pebble Tec or Rock.  Pebble tec and rock clean differently than your tile and this is the reason we use glass bead as our prefered choice of media.  After we are done cleaning your pebble tec or rock we use our portable vacuum system that removes the glass beads and calcium from the bottom of your pool.

Bead Blasting is not a do it yourself project.  Let Doc’s Discount Pool Tile Cleaning take all the mess, frustration and wasted time out of cleaning your pebble tec and rock.  Our tools and equipment are custom designed for this.  Most companies using pressure washing systems cannot clean pebble tec, as the high pressure from the water blow out the pebble’s in you pool coating.


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